Commode wheelchairs

Commode chairs cater to the special personal hygienic requirements of people with disabilities, restricted mobility, or spinal cord injuries. They are designed and built to increase the patient’s independence and lessen the strain to the caregiver. The chair is built to allow the caregiver to shift the patient from one place to another with ease.

Commode wheelchairs allow users to perform their toilet and bathroom chores independently without seeking a caregivers’ help. Commode chairs allow the user to take a shower and to use the chair as toilet seat. Hence the patient can be attended to both the chores without shifting.

Most commode chairs are designed to fit into regular toilets. Such wheelchairs are used in hospitals, rehab centers, nursing centers and private homes. The seat of the commode wheelchair is designed with toilet seat opening or a cut. This makes it flexible to use it over a toilet as well as while taking shower. Most models are highly flexible; they come with a center piece which fits into the cut seat. They provide comfort during longer seating hours making it flexible as it doubles up like a regular chair.

These chairs are manufactured of materials - plastic, steel or aluminum – that do not corrode. Frames are usually coated with nylon, epoxy or polyester. The back and seat is removable, washable and often upholstered. The foot rest and armrest is flexible and the height of the chair can be adjusted to serve various needs. The locks and brakes offer safety and security in positioning and controlling the chair, especially as the person moves onto or off of it.

Commode wheelchairs have emerged as an important factor in the everyday life of many disabled people. They not only reduce the burden on the caregiver, but also give confidence to the disabled person. There are many brands and models on the market. They may vary in construction; size, operation etc. so before buying one, consider the individual needs, medical condition, and requirements.

Specialty medical supply stores typically carry higher quality chairs, but they may be quite expensive compared to general retailers and internet stores. Medical supply stores often have personnel knowledgeable in the field who can help.

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